CoverID® is an iOS App that makes it easy for venues to age-verify patrons and pay cover instantly by swiping their credit card. Doormen love CoverID for it’s ease of use and club owners love the detailed customer analytics. Fight under-age entry and know your customers better with CoverID!

CoverID® reinvents the interaction between a venue and its patrons by being an intuitive, easy to use, accurate solution for bars, night clubs, and other venues with age restrictions on entry. It is much more than a tool for doormen; CoverID is a patron management system!

No longer does management need to depend exclusively on their staff to manually check IDs before individuals enter or are served. Using CoverID at a venue is like turning the lights on and seeing who your patrons are for the first time! This helps you reach your customers better and grow your venue by catering to its core market.

Using Apple® iOS devices and an enterprise class barcode scanning / MSR sled, CoverID makes it easy to age-verify patrons at the door and allows them to instantly pay cover by swiping their credit card.

Aside from scanning and cover payments, CoverID also provides highly detailed and customizable patron analytics, which are useful for targeted promotions and demographic identification. CoverID works with all drivers’ licenses, military ID’s, and government ID’s from all 50 US states and Canada.

Protect your bar, nightclub, restaurant, or retail establishment from underage alcohol consumption while processing payments at the door and gaining valuable insight on patron demographics with CoverID by Dryrain Technologies.

  •  Intuitive Age Verification       
           – Green = OK to enter
           – Yellow = OK to enter but not to drink
           – Red = Not permitted to enter
  • Configurable:
          – Age to enter 
          – Age to drink
          – Cover Fee amount
  • Ultra portable, highly intuitive, no training needed. CoverID automatically sets up the scanning sled for zero hassle,
    zero-configuration operation!
  • Reliable Age Verification works online or offline
  • Accepts all major credit cards for instant payment right at the door for cover charges or admission fees.
  • Detailed Customer Analytics – View detailed information about customer demographics via the online Manager’s Console including age groups, gender, location, time of entry, and more. Log in at
  • Wide built-in ID support for driver’s licenses, military IDs, and
    government-issued IDs from the US and Canada

  • Honeywell Captuvo SL22 (Generation 1 for iPod Touch 4G)
  • Honeywell Captuvo SL22 (Generation 2 for iPod Touch 5G)
  • Honeywell Captuvo SL42 (For iPhone)
  • Infinite Peripherals Linea Pro 5 (for 5th generation iPhone)
  • Infinite Peripherals Linea Pro 5 (for 5th generation iPod Touch)
  • Code Reader 4405 (for 5th generation iPhone)